The history of Lambello: a meaningful and refined symbol

The Lambello is not a Portobello but a a meaningful and refined symbol.

“After a lifetime spent pointing out attention to the double T in my surname – says Bruno Pignattelli – I wanted to transform them into a distinctive mark, inspired by the symbolism already present in my family crest: the Lambello.

Under this strip with a strong personality, there are usually three triangular drops hanging, which make it one of the noblest heraldic figures.

“To me nobilty is first of all in our soul: it express itself in the attention we give to others, as in the attention to details and precision that differentiate and add value to every gesture. With this in mind, I wanted to pay tribute to the noble tight between the Pignattelli Family and the Arezzo Land, where the Tuscan master craftsmen create unique, original and timeless loafers in a workmanlike manner”

The lambello distinctive sign with Double T , present in all our loafers

The Lambello Loafer

Our Loafers , therefore, bear the signature of Lambello with double TT, attesting Talent and Touch, to be felt both with your hands and feet, in the full-grain glove-tanning leather as well in the vegetable-tanning sheepskin, in the suede loafers with the exciting writing velour and in the garment-dyed braided ones.

The Lambello symbol

Technique and tradition are also visible in the lining and in the removable insole made in antifading and antibacterial calfskin, as well as in the soles made in buffalo leather with no-slip rubber injection inserts

Soft and flexible, artisanal and precious, rock and timeless, refined and comfortable: every product with the Bruno Pignattelli brand has a double TT that bridges the past and the future, to move forward with a noble step.

The Lambello symbol in the lining

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